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What is music hunter ? 

Based in the Blue Mountains on the Western edge of Sydney, Music Hunter is more than a booking agency and different from a traditional promoter. Music Hunter has a unique approach to showcasing live music.


We are grounded in a commitment to bring incredible musicians to brave, curious audiences. We are creating a community of people who care about music, who dare to venture beyond the mainstream, and who enjoy the thrill of discovery and that warm, tingly connected feeling you share with a pack of music lovers at a live performance.  


Live music is good for your health. We've known this anecdotally for ages, and now the scientists have weighed in. Listening to live music promotes mental health and wellbeing. 

Musicians need audiences and audiences need music.

It's not just a transaction, it's a very special thing. Music Hunter is about nurturing the connection between us.

Making a contribution feels good. So does being a part of something big.

Volunteer to crew or help out. Music Hunter gigs are built on community inclusion.





gigs +& Tix 

dine and discover vouchers accepted at afternoon delights Series, Avalon.

Music Hunter and Avalon have been tossing soul sustaining lifelines to musicians and audiences with the Afternoon Delights concert series every Saturday 3pm-5pm since July 4th 2020 after Covid restrictions lifted. So far over the 9 months by March 2021, we've given work to 70 musicians and lifted the spirits of over 600 audience members, and while the numbers have been restricted to 19, Music Hunter has guaranteed the fees. During the first 7 months we just broke even, it's literally been a social enterprise. 


Now the capacity is raised to 30, we are able to take a small contribution toward some of the hours spent running the project. 

With most of the shows SOLD OUT it's a top tip to BOOK EARLY if you hope to attend some of these intimate events. Our bottom line guarantee of return is in the rich experiences. Every week we are treated to some of the finest music this country has to offer plus we get to spend time with you, many of whom have become firm friends

Hope to see you soon,

Meg, your Music Hunter. 

"What Meg Benson does with her Music Hunter project in presenting Afternoon Delights downstairs at Avalon in Katoomba hugely enriches the cultural landscape of the Upper Mountains. She curates a wide diversity of music, with excellence being the common denominator, and in so doing she contributes to the cohesion of the community. Downstairs at Avalon is ideal for her purposes, especially in the COVID environment, the space being a rare example of one where social distancing and a sense of intimacy are not mutually exclusive. I had the pleasure to review the brilliant Vazesh (Hamed Sadeghi, Lloyd Swanton and Jeremy Rose) there on August 29 for The Sydney Morning Herald, and was struck by how ideal the room's acoustics are for presenting music that only requires minimal amplification."

John Shand 



18 Katoomba St, Katoomba 2780 NSW  A menu of craft beers, local wines plus sweet and savoury delights are available at this charming retro venue.

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Melbourne chamber jazz trio

Album Launch Tour

"To Iceland!." (ABC JAZZ)

and a set by Spartacus Collective to warm the stage.

Friday 23rd April


8 Lake Street Wentworth falls 2782

Tickets are $35pp/ $30 conc 

Doors open at 7.30pm 

Refreshments are available 

Capacity: 50 seats

*First Set: 8:00-8:45 pm 


featuring drummer Ronny Ferella and the guys from Antelodic

*Second Set: 9:10-10:00 pm 

A N T E L O D I C 

*Including projections

Guitar/Composer - Robbie Melville

Alto Saxophone/Clarinet - Monty Mackenzie

Tenor Saxophone/Clarinet - Gideon Brazil


Individually, Melville, Brazil & Mackenzie have worked with artists as diverse as Gotye, Krystle Warren, Shane Howard, Isaiah Firebrace, Vince Jones, Orchestra Victoria, Luke Howard & Leonard Grigoryan. The trio have played together in numerous projects over 16 years. Experience the rich, diverse and interdisciplinary music emerging from the Melbourne creative jazz scene.

Antelodic explores the space between jazz, chamber music and acoustic folk, with influences including Bill Frisell, Joni Mitchell, Jimmy Guiffre, the writings of Richard Brautigan and the photography of William Eggleston. ​The website: 

SPARTACUS COLLECTIVE is a solo drum set project devised by/for Melbourne drummer/composer Ronny Ferella performed along with the three musicians from Antelodic. 


Conceived by drummer/composer Ronny Ferella this project flips the traditional roles of the instrumental hierarchy and highlights the drumset as a tonal instrument that can adapt to the requirements of the music on hand, playing in tune with the group through deep listening and intentional touch response. 

**This tour is made possible by support

from the Australia Council for the Arts**

Afternoon Delights Concert Series 

Saturday, 24 April, 2-4.30 PM

DOWNSTAIRS Avalon, 18 Katoomb St, 
Tickets $35
1st set starts 2.30pm sharp

Peter Hollo is a cellist and electronic musician from Sydney. He has over 25 years of experience making non-classical music, from the rock and internationalist music of FourPlay String Quartet to the pioneering hybrid electronic/post-rock/improv of Tangents (globally released on the legendary Brooklyn label Temporary Residence Ltd), performing with neo-classical pianist Sophie Hutchings, and creating spontaneous musical creations in the Concert Hall of the Sydney Opera House with the likes of Lisa Gerrard and Grant Morrison.

In Peter's solo project raven, improvised cello is embedded and woven into electronic processing. Melodies are sampled and played back to create deep orchestral textures, and then broken into stuttering, glitching pieces alongside sub-bass and mashed beats.

Dine and Discover tickets accepted for this show at Avalon, simply select a "discover"  ticket option, email us your code number or photo of the scan code at the time of booking.

Afternoon Delights Concert Series 

Saturday, 1st May  2-4.30 PM

DOWNSTAIRS Avalon, 18 Katoomb St, 
Tickets $30
1st set starts 2.30pm sharp

Lozz Benson is an up-and-coming singer/songwriter. Best known for being a drummer, she has worked with John Butler Trio, Paul Kelly and Jim Moginie (Midnight Oil). 


Lozz has an ever-growing desire for acquiring new instruments; whether it's playing the Keytar and being inspired by Wawanee, to borrowing bagpipes from Anthony from The Wiggles, or to exploring the sounds of the Jawharp and Bulbul Tarang! Music is a source of pure joy and curiosity for her. 


On this journey of discovery, Lozz found the sweet sounds of two instruments that belong to the Zither family: the Autoharp and the Dulcimer. It was love at first sight. These two instruments were made famous by musicians such as Dolly Parton and June Carter. 


During lockdown last year, Lozz wrote and recorded original music with John Stuart at Sound Heaven Recording Studios in Wentworth Falls. Inspired by the music of the 60 & 70s, Lozz brings her influences of country and folk together to create songs that sound like Shania Twain met Joni Mitchell.   


Come and see Lozz’s debut solo gig, where she will be showcasing songs on the Autoharp and Dulcimer.








Dine and Discover tickets accepted for this show at Avalon, simply select a "discover"  ticket option, email us your code number or photo of the scan code at the time of booking.

Afternoon Delights Concert Series 

Saturday, 8th May  2-4.30 PM

DOWNSTAIRS Avalon, 18 Katoomb St, 
Tickets $40
1st set starts 2.30pm sharp

States of Chaos are: 
drummer Ed Rodrigues, 
bassist Bill Williams 
and pianist Casey Golden. 

Consistent collaborators in a variety of contexts for over 10 years, they have built a reputation as one of the finest piano/bass/ drum units in Australia.

With a long history together and an almost telepathic rapport, their music ranges from densely composed material to free improvisation, heavy rock textures to sparse, open grooves. This is a truly equal partnership of three distinctive musical voices.

Their latest release, ‘Time’s End’ is a straight-up representation of their live acoustic sound. Featuring simple songs recorded live in a single room, the strong connection shared by these three musicians is on full display.

‘high skill levels backed up by expansive imaginations’
Sydney Morning Herald

‘A trio that clearly don’t live in the past’



Dine and Discover tickets accepted for this show at Avalon, simply select a "discover"  ticket option, email us your code number or photo of the scan code at the time of booking.

Special guest  Ben Hauptmann

Sat 15th May 2021


8 Lake Street Wentworth Falls 2782

Tickets are $35pp/ $30 conc

Refreshments are available 

Capacity: 50 seats

Jeremy Rose – saxophones
Nick Garbett – trumpet
Alex Masso – drums
Noel Mason – bass
Ben Hauptmann - Guitar

*Doors open at 7.30pm
*First Set: 8:00-8:45 pm
*Second Set: 9:10-10:00 pm

The Vampires are trailblazers for a new generation of creative jazz talent from Australia, having gained critical attention worldwide by pushing the genre into new realms.

Creating a distinctive sound that is undoubtedly their own, the band has garnered praise from US Downbeat (“phenomenal”), UK Guardian (“seductive genre hopping creativity”), The Saturday Paper (“one of my favourite albums of the year”) and All About Jazz (“gold all over”).


The Vampires have received nominations for Australia’s ARIA awards, Bell Awards, AIR Awards, and were the first instrumental group to be short-listed for the Australian Music Prize.


For this special one off show The Vampires will be joined by good friend and long-time musical collaborator Ben Hauptmann on guitar. Ben is a nationally recognised jazz guitarist. Winner of the 2011 Freedman Fellowship and 2nd

place winner of the National Jazz Awards at the Wangaratta Festival of Jazz in 2007
Ben Hauptmann is an incredible guitarist who played with Gurrumul since 2013 up until he passed away in 2018.

An enchanting, heated indoor amphitheatre with pristine acoustics, polished timber floor and earth walls by award winning architects in a magical Steiner education setting at 8 Lake street Wentworth Falls, with off street parking and 5 mins walk from the train station.

Across the road from Silvermere Guest  House.

“In a head-bopping nod to the obvious, The Vampires play vamps. Yet these are no ordinary vamps. Written and improvised melodies are beautiful and flawless, and the harmonies between the three voices (woodwinds, brass, bass) ring with pitch-perfect sonority”.

Gary Fukushima, Downbeat (US).

The Website

Some Memories Never Die:

An Evening of Words and Music 2021

Blue Mountains Theatre Hub

11th June, 202

It's a Friday 8pm

Tickets are $35 or $30 conc

This is Jeff Lang’s guide to the often hilarious life of a jobbing musician. He lived these tales so you can laugh in comfort.” - Don Walker

Jeff Lang has built a reputation for making startling and influential music that is accomplished, intricate, gutsy,
melodic and loaded with soul. Often taking unexpected turns, he has consistently inspired his audiences by creating a
stylistically diverse catalogue of over 30 albums.

But with every well-credentialed artistic soul, evolving and diving into the unknown is a step that is never too far away
and so in 2019 Jeff sat down and began to write what would become his first book.

Some Memories Never Die, a memoir of three decades on the road, memories of gigs where the pay was akin to blood money, reflections on how the road's twists and turns can be lightened by the presence of fellow traveller’s and occasionally darkened by them too, comes bundled with a 22 track album of Jeff Lang classics explicitly re-recorded for the book's release.

And to celebrate the book's release, Jeff will hit the highway for the An Evening of Words and Music tour commencing March 12 with each show combining music, a Q&A in-conversation. 

Jeff Lang's unique musical vision easily finds a home in myriad settings; from huge festivals like Glastonbury and Fuji Rock in Japan, to world renowned venues such as Sydney Opera House, but he's equally at home in intimate venues such as the The Ark in Ann Arbour, Michigan and the 12 Bar in London. Most importantly, Jeff Lang has achieved what is a rarity in the cluttered world of contemporary sounds: his own voice.


The kinds of musicians who play Music Hunter gigs aren't your mainstream FM-friendly joes. These people are virtuosos from the Blue Mountains, around Australia and around the world.

Some of them play rare instruments, even instruments they have made themselves.

Or they might play rarely performed styles, or blend traditional and contemporary forms to create something unique.  They might be well known or not so well known, but they will always be extraordinary musicians who perform at the fringes and on the edges.


Whatever the case, the musicians who play Music Hunter gigs are deeply talented people who care about the music they play and the audiences they play to. 


Music Hunter audiences are made up of adventurous souls who dare to go beyond the classics and the safe territory of the charts. Our audiences are curious explorers. They like to take a chance on something they've never heard before. That's how you experience the joy of discovery. And once they've experienced a Music Hunter concert, they always come back. 


 Music Hunter is all about building a community of music lovers. It's a team effort, this task. We've been able to do it because of the support of some amazing people and partners whom we'd like very much to acknowledge.


Cheers to Kindlehill Performance Space for the use of their magnificent cob and timber hall. This warm, intimate space is where magic happens. Thumbs up to Blue Mountains Theatre, The Metropole, The Carrington,  Hotel GearinScenic World for being champion partners. Since Covid restrictions lifted mid 2020, we've had a home base DOWNSTAIRS at Avalon Restaurant, providing employment every week for musicians. 


Many thanks too to Daz's  Blissbeat Curry for catering many of our independant gigs with delicious soup, chai and cake.  


Our pristine listening experiences are enabled by BM Audio, Crisp Audio or KFM media. 

And, of course, cheers to the many volunteers who crew, shoot photographs and stick up posters and do the not-so-glamourous behind-the-scenes stuff that keeps Music Hunter cracking on.


Our community gives to us and we like to give back. Not everyone has the dosh to go to concerts, which is why we will happily exchange tickets for some mucking in. There are many ways you can volunteer to help Music Hunter by contributing skills and time and heavy lifting. 


Big Love to our talented photographers; 

Look Sharp, Inertia,  Brigitte Grant,  Sue Daley,  David Brazil Photography.

If you fancy helping out, sling Meg an email.


custom music hunting

Weddings, parties, functions, whatever. It's not always easy to find the right musicians that suit the mood and the crowd for your do. So who do you call? 


Music Hunter founder Meg Benson loves nothing better than tracking down the exactly right brilliant musos to play at your do.  With 27 years experience living and playing in the MTNS music scene, Meg knows a huge number of musos in the mountains, Sydney and beyond - musos who can play in all sorts of genres and styles, and who can cater to a mixed audience of still listeners and irrepressible dancers.


FYI Meg can also artfully dress your space in a style befitting the audience and occasion. You give her the brief - elegant or quirky or playful or outrageous - whatever you need, Meg delivers.




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'Music produces a kind of pleasure ​which human nature cannot do without.'
Music Hunter is a supporter of The Haze Mag and is a Network Partner of the Blue Mountains Creative Arts Network.
Music Hunter is proud to bank with Bendigo Bank, who give back significant funds to the community.
Music Hunter is a member of  TOOLO & supports the share economy.
Meg Benson of Music Hunter hosts a regular radio show on Mondays 5-7pm  called Earthly Delights 89.1 FM, Radio Blue Mountains, 
Thanks also to the work of Brad from Blue Mountains Live in his efforts to celebrate live music in the Mountains.
Earthly Delights with Meg Benson on 89.1FM
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