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What is music hunter ? 

Based in the Blue Mountains on the Western edge of Sydney, Music Hunter is more than a booking agency and different from a traditional promoter. Music Hunter has a unique approach to showcasing live music.


We are grounded in a commitment to bring incredible musicians to brave, curious audiences. We are creating a community of people who care about music, who dare to venture beyond the mainstream, and who enjoy the thrill of discovery and that warm, tingly connected feeling you share with a pack of music lovers at a live performance.  


Live music is good for your health. We've known this anecdotally for ages, and now the scientists have weighed in. Listening to live music promotes mental health and wellbeing. 

Musicians need audiences and audiences need music.

It's not just a transaction, it's a very special thing. Music Hunter is about nurturing the connection between us.

Making a contribution feels good. So does being a part of something big.

Volunteer to crew or help out. Music Hunter gigs are built on community inclusion.





gigs +& Tix 

Music Hunter and Avalon have been tossing soul sustaining lifelines to musicians and audiences with the Afternoon Delights concert series every Saturday 3pm-5pm since July 4th after Covid restrictions lifted in June 2020.

With most of the 23 shows SOLD OUT in 2020, it's a top tip to BOOK EARLY, if you hope to attend some of these intimate events. 

Venue: DOWN STAIRS at Avalon

18 Katoomba St, Katoomba NSW.

A menu of craft beers, local wines plus sweet and savoury delights are available at this charming retro venue. 


2021 audience numbers are capped at 19 people for NSW Health regulations. 


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Afternoon Delights concert series,


23rd Jan, 2021// It's a Sat, 3-5pm

Tickets are $35pp. 

Capacity:19 seats


Born in the Blue Mountains, Vanessa has played extensively with folk trio Snail, and duo Piccolo Bear, but has recently centered her life around recording her first solo EP. 


Vanessa’s solo performances take a deep, intimate, and strong voyage, lead dutifully by the instrument closest to her heart: her voice. It is effortlessly sweet, yet strong in its unique phrasing.


With a harmonious balance of folk and jazz, Vanessa’s voice and delicately intricate guitar, will take the listener on a wholesome, heart-filled journey.

Afternoon Delights concert series,


30th Jan, 2021// It's a Sat, 3-5pm

Tickets are $40pp. 

Capacity:-19 seats

Charlie McMahon's Dingo Gringo is the didjeridu and electro cross breed of a sound by Charlie McMahon and Peter Strong (loops) and Pasco Schravemade (keyboards).

Charlie fronted the seminal Gondwanaland band that prefigured world music and Indigenous cultural revival by a decade.  Charlie has toured / performed with the likes of Midnight Oil, Sunrise Band, Bart Willoughby, Janes Addiction and Carlos Peron. His recorded music is often used as sound track to evoke an Oz essence and played on sound tracks of Mad Max and Priscilla Queen of the Desert. 

Peter has a background as an activist and cut his name in
the dance music free party / rave scenes of the 1990’s.  Pasco has a warm ambience to his playing and learned music on the road as the son of a preacher dad and mother. 

Afternoon Delights concert series


6th Feb, 2021// It's a Sat, 3-5pm

Tickets are $40pp. 

Capacity: 19 seats

Their music is a cross-section of many influences from India to Africa to jazz. It features the handpan, played by Blair, a dome-shaped metal instrument capable of beautifully haunting sounds that can take the listener on a mesmerising journey, the beautiful saxophone and flute playing of Paul and expressive, intricate tabla playing from Keith. 

The members of PANSURI are:-

Blair Greenberg  is a multi instrumentalist, composer, teacher and producer. Blair is  a member of the funky African group “Keyim Ba”. 

Paul Chenard  hails from French Canada, performing and recording music internationally for the last 30 years. 

Paul delighted audiences in Sydney and Australia for over a decade with his 9 piece Afro Cuban funk ensemble Matanza. More recent collaborations include bands such as Oka and  Yantra De Vilder.

Keith Manning is a highly experienced musician for more than 40 years, Keith studied Tabla with Pandit Nikhil Ghosh in Mumbai from 1975 to 1991, and became an initiated disciple before an audience of elite musicians and students in 1985. He also plays Udu, Esraj, Flutes and Waterphone. ​

Melanie Oxley and Chris Abrahams

Afternoon Delights concert series


18 Katoomba St 

13th Feb, 2021// It's a Sat, 3-5pm

Tickets are $40pp. 

Capacity 19 seats

The music of Melanie Oxley ( Sparklers) and Chris Abrahams (Benders, The Laughing Clowns, Necks) gently unfolds before you as classic.

Lyrically thoughtful, playful and clever, musically deceptively simple. Abrahams extraordinary talent reveals itself in every facet of every song while Oxley's voice continues to uplift and beguile. Extraordinary.

Although they have played together since 89, live performances are rare.

Mel and Chris have been in the studio recording over the last year and are currently mixing their new album….so be ready for lots of new music from these two amazing musicians.

They have released four studio albums, Welcome to Violet (1992), Coal (1994), Jerusalem Bay (1998) and Blood Oranges (2003). At the ARIA Music Awards of 1993 Welcome to Violet was nominated for Best Independent Release.

Wanderlust Concert Series

at Blue Mountains Theatre Hub

19th Feb, 2021// It's a Friday at 8pm

Tickets are $35

Caribé brings the vibrant, passionate energy of Cuba to life and they are proudly co-presented by Music Hunter and Blue Mountains Theatre Hub,

Caribé's Havana Return crafts traditional and classic Cuban music forms into a contemporary setting to create a unique and mesmerising live performance.

Seeing Caribé is an immersive experience incorporating chants, stories, and percussive elements deeply rooted in rumba and Afro-Cuban spiritual practice, combined with archival footage of Cuban musicians. A melding of musicians and dancers from Sydney’s Cuban, jazz and Latin communities. The music and choreography integrates elements of traditional Cuban dance and music with a modern jazz aesthetic.

Nine-piece Caribé features Cuban dancer Adrian Medina and is led by renowned musician and composer Gai Bryant on soprano/alto saxophones and flute, along with percussionists Juan Carlos Allende and Steve Marin, Des Lee McIver – trumpet, Julian Gough - tenor sax, Des Cannings - bone, Josh Spolc - bass, and Daniel Pliner– piano.


The Wanderlust Concert Series is supported by Live Music Australia - an Australian Government initiative and we have partnered locally with Music Hunter. 

Afternoon Delights Concert Series

27th Feb, 2021// It's aSat at 3-5pm

Tickets are $40


18 Katoomba St.

Capacity: 19 seats

Moussa Diakite is a guitarist, singer and composer born in Mali, now based in Western Sydney. His style is derived from the “Wassoulou” style of music from Bougouni area of Mali, fused with elements of Malian, Congolese, Highlife, Afro Beat, Cuban, Blues,and Jazz.


Len Samperi : Bass/ vocals

Junior Jones : Small Drum kit

Moussa Diakite spent his foundational years in the iconic Afro-Latin “Rail Band” (also known as The Super Rail Band) from 1979 to 1983. They were one of the first bands to combine elements of Cuban and Congolese Jazz with West African rhythms, melodies and instrumentation like the Kora and the Belafon.


Moussa Diakite played with Grammy Award-winning Kora player, Toumani Diabate, and his live band from 1983 to 1987 in Mali before joining Salif Kieta's live band and joining him on multiple World Tours between 1990 – 1995.

Since moving to Australia in 1996, he has played with leading West African bands including Senegal and Guinean inspired band, Keyin Ba, and his own bands: Badema and Wassado.

Wanderlust Concert Series,

Blue Mountains Theatre Hub

19th March, 2021// It's a Friday 8pm

Tickets are $35

Acclaimed modern flamenco ensemble

Bandaluzia are celebrated for their powerful performances, unique sound and explosive displays of dazzling musicianship and virtuosity. 

Led by ARIA nominated flamenco guitarist Damian Wright present a spectacular new show that showcases contemporary flamenco dance and music whilst displaying the essential characteristics of the flamenco tradition.

Joining Damian will be Dance Australia Magazine's "Most Outstanding Dancer of 2013" and co-winner of "Best Dance Show" at The Adelaide Fringe 2014 Jessica Statham (flamenco dance) and Rosalie Cocchiaro (flamenco dance) who, living in Madrid for 10 years, has performed in many of Madrid’s premier tablaos (flamenco venues).  

On guitars & mandolin Freedman fellowship winner and National Jazz Awards finalist Ben Hauptmann (Katie Noonan, Gurrumul, Lior) and brilliant percussionist James Hauptmann (James Morrison, Vince Jones, Bluejuice) round out this stellar ensemble.

Bandaluzia are highly revered for their ability to mix elements of other genres into their performances, whether being the rich harmonies of Jazz, the exotic melodies of the Orient or the infectious rhythms of South America. 

The Wanderlust Concert Series is supported by Live Music Australia - an Australian Government initiative and a local partnership with Music Hunter, 


The kinds of musicians who play Music Hunter gigs aren't your mainstream FM-friendly joes. These people are virtuosos from the Blue Mountains, around Australia and around the world.

Some of them play rare instruments, even instruments they have made themselves.

Or they might play rarely performed styles, or blend traditional and contemporary forms to create something unique.  They might be well known or not so well known, but they will always be extraordinary musicians who perform at the fringes and on the edges.


Whatever the case, the musicians who play Music Hunter gigs are deeply talented people who care about the music they play and the audiences they play to. 


Music Hunter audiences are made up of adventurous souls who dare to go beyond the classics and the safe territory of the charts. Our audiences are curious explorers. They like to take a chance on something they've never heard before. That's how you experience the joy of discovery. And once they've experienced a Music Hunter concert, they always come back. 


 Music Hunter is all about building a community of music lovers. It's a team effort, this task. We've been able to do it because of the support of some amazing people and partners whom we'd like very much to acknowledge.


Cheers to Kindlehill Performance Space for the use of their magnificent cob and timber hall. This warm, intimate space is where magic happens. Thumbs up to Blue Mountains Theatre, The Metropole, The Carrington,  Hotel GearinScenic World for being champion partners. Since Covid restrictions lifted mid 2020, we've had a home base DOWNSTAIRS at Avalon Restaurant, providing employment every week for musicians. 


Many thanks too to Daz's  Blissbeat Curry for catering many of our independant gigs with delicious soup, chai and cake.  


Our pristine listening experiences are enabled by BM Audio, Crisp Audio or KFM media. 

And, of course, cheers to the many volunteers who crew, shoot photographs and stick up posters and do the not-so-glamourous behind-the-scenes stuff that keeps Music Hunter cracking on.


Our community gives to us and we like to give back. Not everyone has the dosh to go to concerts, which is why we will happily exchange tickets for some mucking in. There are many ways you can volunteer to help Music Hunter by contributing skills and time and heavy lifting. 


Big Love to our talented photographers; 

Look Sharp, Inertia,  Brigitte Grant,  Sue Daley,  David Brazil Photography.

If you fancy helping out, sling Meg an email.


custom music hunting

Weddings, parties, functions, whatever. It's not always easy to find the right musicians that suit the mood and the crowd for your do. So who do you call? 


Music Hunter founder Meg Benson loves nothing better than tracking down the exactly right brilliant musos to play at your do.  With 27 years experience living and playing in the MTNS music scene, Meg knows a huge number of musos in the mountains, Sydney and beyond - musos who can play in all sorts of genres and styles, and who can cater to a mixed audience of still listeners and irrepressible dancers.


FYI Meg can also artfully dress your space in a style befitting the audience and occasion. You give her the brief - elegant or quirky or playful or outrageous - whatever you need, Meg delivers.




Join the Music Hunter community

'Music produces a kind of pleasure ​which human nature cannot do without.'
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Giving back funds to out community.

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