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  • Meg Benson, Music Hunter

We knew it! Music benefits our health!

We all have years of experiential evidence pointing to the benefits of music right?

We often remember moments with the help of some kind of personal soundtrack. Back in the days when I was a young mum, I made a powerful decision that has kept me off the prozac, and off the couch. I was not cashed up comparative to western standards of living due to the disadvantage that comes with the courage of single motherhood, I was however living a healthy cultural, community and social life fit for a queen.

The decision I made was I would endeavor to measure abundance by my access to experience music and cultural events. "I wish i could go to that- but i cant afford it " is an obstacle that sucks. (That's why I always say to you all , "if your broke, don't miss out, message me and we'll give you a ticket in exchange for lending a hand"). My decision paid off in multiple ways, every fortnight my cup of self-care was filled up, so I could then be an attentive mum, free from the self-pity and resentment that can come from isolation. My kids became incredibly creative with music, dance and drama enhancing their life experiences. Prioritising my budget on music and cultural intoxication, (not the type that gives you a hangover and DUI) I drank only small amounts of alcohol, a healthy side-effect. Bonus personal training came from dancing.

If I had $25 buck in the pocket $15 was the cover charge and $10 for drinks, nothing wrong with aqua when thirsty. Comrades with $50 bucks in their pocket might comment, "I can't afford a cover charge", and elect to spend it all at a bar. I felt free to go out on my own, a busy parent-life meant, no extra time to rally friends on a regular basis. I met my like minded tribe out 'n about, even though I did not grow up in the Mtns, thanks to loving music, I knew people and I was known.

We're talking abundance of social capitol, health and well-being and doing our bit as punters to sustain ourselves by reveling in the arts. I'm eternally grateful to musicians who perform live music. Most of all I love it when new music touches my brain, heart and body, in such a way as it interrupts any broken records, breaks a winter cabin fever, De-frags and reboots the system while also reaffirming a positive world view.

Check out this fantastic article /seven-reasons-why-music-benefits-your-health/.

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