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  • Meg Benson, Music Hunter

Music - our greatest mood adjuster.

I often describe the importance of broad eclectic music appreciation as vital to living with a well rounded soundtrack, giving us permission for wholeness. Hey guys, SCHOOL OF LIFE ROCK check out this refreshing video, they say "We fully discover our debt to music when we can acknowledge just how powerless we sometimes are to change our moods through reason alone. A good life does not only need a library of ideas: it requires a vast and ever-changing playlist that can systematically tug us back to our more hopeful, sensitive and resilient selves."

The sensory level of music cuts through anything the intellect can grasp. That's why I say MUSIC is a healthy interruption to the humdrum of groundhog day, and tool to snap us out of persistent low times, yet assist us to cry if we need to. MUSIC HUNTER Challenge; what would your playlist of 15 songs be if it were to condense the breadth of your adventurous listening into different moods in just one soundtrack. Share this blog post to FB and tag us with your playlist. You may need a little time to think of this.

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