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  • Meg Benson, Music Hunter

Canto Latino perform with Devi Mamak

The music was hotter than a heatwave!, Yep, that's right, this gig was sold out despite the conditions, when temps got to 45 degrees on 11th Feb. Our mud brick location was effectively insulating, and kept us surprisingly cool. Music Hunter's flocked to LATIN LORICO at Kindlehill Performance Space, with at least 20 people who fronted up spontaneously and randomly in the crowd with Spanish styled hand held fans. Sustainable collective guerrilla air-con. Ha Ha !

That Reminds me, Thanks to Maaike, Annabelle, Grant and Rose who helped keep our events rubbish free, by washing crockery for BLISS BEAT catering. Thumbs up to Brenda who was an awesome teammate with myself in making parking a lot more fun for you guests.

Canto Latino are Amanda Handel-Voice, Jane Andino- piano, Llew Klek-plucked strings and Matt Handel- Sax with Devi Mamak - Guest dancer.

Thanks to Lona Logan for these stunning photographs, and thanks to Kent and Nathan from BM Audio for lights and Sound.

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