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Review of Dangerous Song

Music Hunter presented the 2nd ever showing of the live music concert, Dangerous Song Blue in a holographic type format for a crowd of 120 people, one of which said, "This experience will be etched in my memory across my life". Apart from Lizzie O'Keefe's amazing voice, all the sounds used were actual sounds of endangered species. It's an inter-species masterpiece. Audience member Shirley Lewis said "It's hard to find words for Dangerous Song - Blue; the world should see it/hear it/share it because, as well as immense sadness for what we've got wrong, it inspires renewed energy for our own chosen ways of caring for the earth. With wonder, we realise what a brilliant planet we belong to".... Noni Mc Devvit bought her 10 lucky friends tickets to come along with her and celebrate on her own b'day. Nick Earl was so moved he wrote a review

Wise people ensure they don't miss out on Music Hunter events!

Lona Logan captured Dan Endicott, Linsey Pollak, Lizzie O'Keefe and Meg Benson after the show


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