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Lulo Reinhardt swings by Wentworth Falls Thursday July 13th bringing some very exciting musicians al

Lulo Reinhardt swings by Wentworth Falls & brings some very exciting musicians with him.

I witnessed Lulo 6 years ago with his Latin Swing project and at the time he was also performing with two musicians who were currently living in the Mtns with percussionist Peter Kennard, and Pianist Sean Mackenzie.

Blue Mtns Based Sydney Morning Herald critic, John Shand said it was…"the finest concert of acoustic guitar I have ever seen”

Lulo Reinhardt is a genuine Gyspy, The Gypsies first originated in India approx 1000 years ago. He is great nephew of the king of Gypsy Jazz himself Django Reinhardt and nephew of the great Gypsy violin master Shnuckenack Reinhardt.

On this 2017 tour GLOBAL GUITAR CONVERSATIONS with Bart Stenhouse, John Maddox and Trent Bryson-Dean, The origins of the Gypsy come full circle when the Gyspsy Latin swing of Lulo meets the Flamenco, Jazz and Nth Indian classical music from Bart Stenhouse.

Lulo comes from a lineage peppered throughout with highly talented musicians. He first showed an interest during his formative years. By the age of five Lulo was already being handed down the guitar tradition through his father Bawo Reinhardt and has devoted his life to music ever since.By the time he was 12, he was performing with his cousins in the Koblenz-based Mike Reinhardt sextet.

Over the years, Lulo expanded his musical horizons as he delved into the music of other cultures. Today, Lulo continues to explore and perform a fusion of styles, including flamenco, Latin, and Brazilian jazz. He combines these with his own artistic stamp, and always with a nod to his Gypsy influences.

After traveling all over the world and playing with musicians from Brazil, Spain, Africa, he defined his own style of playing which he called Latin Swing - it is not traditional gypsy jazz because the band has a drummer and a piano player. More and more gypsy jazz guitarists today are incorporating this style of music which Lulo founded. His name and style have achieved international acclaim.Critics and fans agree that it is not solely because Lulo is the great-nephew of world-famous musician extraordinaire Django Reinhardt, it's about Lulo's unique musical genius, and his ability to make it appear so utterly effortless.

“The audience sometimes expects me to play exclusively in the style of Django Reinhardt, but I have found a style of my own, and I am happy and grateful that the people love it” states Lulo.

Kent Learned will be on the sound desk, from Blue Mountains Audio.

Don't bother to cook dinner this Thursday, we are calling in the weekend early and Daz from Blissbeat curries will be there with his trusty hearty food and drinks.

You can buy tickets online early prior to the 13th July from

You can find all info on the above booking link itself .

The event is on at the fantastic theater called Wentworth Falls School of Arts 4 mins walk from the trainline.

Tickets can also be bought in person with Cash Only at Lamdha Books, Wentworth Falls

or at the Door on the night from Zoe, Meg or Chris.

Head over to our Face Book event page, and include your own pack of music hunters in the news.

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