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Salsa Today 3.30pm- 5pm Katoomba

Hi Dear Music Lovers,

*It's really exciting to be hosting a well attended salsa class today. I'm looking forward to finally meeting our Cuban teacher Fraudy from Havana Dance after all these hours of preparation, and also to dancing with some of you.

*Just so you know- No need to call me today- if you have not booked- Just turn up!!

*(MY PHONE WENT FOR A SWIM 😮) and a new phone is in the pipeline!! I thought you should know!!.

*The address to turn up at 3.25pm today is 158 KatoombaSt, Katoomba 2780. We have enough pre-bookings for our confidence levels, and there is plenty of room for those of you who are spontaneous to just turn up.

*Dress in what makes you happy and wear shoes that don't have too much tread! ( Ill bring the gaffa tape if we need to make your shoes in shape for a better pivot.

*Bring the correct money if possible $30 individuals/ $55 couple/ $105 if an individual want to attend all four classes and get a $15 discount.

If you don't care much for dance but love the Latin music, then see you at the Afro Cuban Latin Music Nights, along with the dance lovers.

*14th October El Orquestion

*18th November Babalu

Both at the Gearin Hotel, GWH Katoomba 8pm

Stay tuned to all the great music and stories posted on out Music Hunter Face Book Page

I'll be away mucking up as a mentor at a children's wilderness camp by Bluegum Bushcraft and will be out of range until Friday next week.

*If you are KEEN for Salsa, yet can't make it to Salsa today, no drama, there will be space for you on the 7th October, or the 21st October or the 28th October .

*Maybe see you on the dance floor today, or the day after I get back from camp. Looking forward to the famous musical gatherings round the campfire, with big people and small people at this great camp.

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