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A musical retrospective + what a journey it's been.

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

At 4.30pm today,( Monday I invite you to listen in on the "Earthly Delights" final Radio Blue Mountains show. It's been a 3.5 year adventure on air. The show is especially extended from 4.30pm to 7pm to squeeze in a bit more music and includes a few studio guests sharing memories, plus tributes from some of you and loads of music from bands presented by Music Hunter over the last 12 +years. You probably heard by now I'm moving from the Mountains to the Mid-western NSW area, but I won't lose touch and there will be more announcements from 2024.

Tune into Radio Blue Mountains on 89.1FM via the dial or stream live from the website RBM.ORG.AU

If you want to listen back to a handful of the podcasted shows Check out my Mixcloud account- and at some stage soon this special retrospective show will also be uploaded there too.

We've been too busy with live Music events to add ALL our live music events to our youtube catalogue- however there are still many brilliant videos to enjoy there, expect to see more there in future.

Listen to a Spotify playlist of musicians performing at Music Hunter Events here

Here's that great blogpost reposted about the longevity benefits of live music click here

John Shand SMH music critic once said to me after reading it "I must be immortal".

The promotor does not get those few hours of joy quite as easy as the audience though.

Time to rest, rejuvenate and reimagine.

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